I don’t want a bunch of overly-eager and suffocatingly supportive people jumping on me the second I post here. I really don’t. Is it possible to just have an audience of exactly the people you imagine, even if they’re not even real?

Honestly, my mother found this blog and so I stopped writing here for a long time, because, well, it should be self-explanatory. I come from people who have absolutely no understanding of boundaries, and they never will.

But, I guess I have to up my Marketing and Self-Branding Games because hey, I’ve been writing a book for the better part of a year and a half now and, even though I absolutely hesitate to write this sentence because of its entailments and implications and the communications it will spark, I’m close to having a draft done, and someday i hope to publish it so I can have a new, exciting set of problems to complain about. First World Problems. This is also the title of the book.
BUT, I’m having trouble focusing on it today, and one of the big problems in my creative life has always been that I find it much easier to write when I know there is the immediate reward or gratification of an audience. At the same time, when I think of certain people as part of my audience (viz., my mother) I totally shut down and can’t write at all.

Also, I am uniquely cursed in that despite the fact that I am very improbably a professional writer, I’m also a terribly unfashionable extrovert. And, but, I spend enough of my time alone, and I always have, and I suppose I always will.

There’s just so damned much to say about nothing. I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest takeaway I got out of my six wasted years in grad school.

Here, I just did over 200 words on the topic of nothing, and I’m still not to the point, by which I mean the vague impulse that spurred me to log in and click “new post.” I suppose maybe I’ll reboot this now, to try and write about things, again, to some kind of vague imagined digital audience, and if anything ever happen with the book, at least I can say I have made a perfunctory effort to Connect with My Digital Public.

So speaking of Publics, not to be confused with Publix, the Southern grocery store chain, what do you all think of Habermas?


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I am trying my hardest to make my happily-ever-after happen right now. I am, improbably, a writer.
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