New Blog Benediction: A Blog Bris?

I registered this domain in February, thinking that if I paid to blog, I’d have an incentive to do  so and to really write well.

This has obviously not worked out. All it means is I’m paying for my own writer’s block.

But my career change means I don’t have to hide online anymore, and I want to have a public blogging identity. Writing online has always been basically good to me. And I need more good things in my life right now. Right? Write!

I have no idea what I’m going to do here. Maybe that’s the problem. Too much interests me. And, based on the comments of the people in power over me the past few years, my intellect is too feeble to do much of anything.

It’s April, 2012. The world is supposed to end in 8 months and change. Based on the amount of massive student loan debt I will have to begin repaying at about the same time (in addition to that I’ve already had to pay while being enrolled in school….thanks, Citibank; I hate you with every fiber of my being for that), I sort of hope it happens. I was going to start over this year; I still plan to. Somehow, the past four years of my life have been swallowed up by a series of horrendous personal losses and the complete waste of my failure to do anything here. I blinked, and suddenly I’m pushing 30, with nothing to show for it but a mountain of educational debt and a very expensive master’s diploma. It’s April, 2012. I can barely read the news; it’s all so depressing I need to lie down. The world is a horrible and unjust place. It always has been. I’m just writing about it. There’s not much else to do.


About mirandate

I am trying my hardest to make my happily-ever-after happen right now. I am, improbably, a writer.
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