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I am trying my hardest to make my happily-ever-after happen right now. I am, improbably, a writer.

moving, not moving, and being in motion again

Yesterday, when I was sitting in traffic, I counted up all the places I’ve lived since I graduated from college (7 years ago later this month). Good news: I can still count at least to ten! I should probably be … Continue reading

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In the past few weeks, I submitted my last batch of grades, ever, for my institution; since they chose to never even give me an office key this year, that represents the end of my obligations to them, unless there … Continue reading

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“Becoming an Ex”

When I say I’m on the precipice of change in my life, I mean I am literally dangling off a cliff into a deep expanse, all of whose air molecules all have the structure of a question mark. I blinked, … Continue reading

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New Blog Benediction: A Blog Bris?

I registered this domain in February, thinking that if I paid to blog, I’d have an incentive to do¬† so and to really write well. This has obviously not worked out. All it means is I’m paying for my own … Continue reading

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it has that new blog smell

I am being welcomed to WordPress. I had a bunch of wine and don’t totally remember registering this domain, but, hey, I’ll work with what I’ve got. $25 is some accountability to say something and continue my dreams of becoming … Continue reading

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